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Residential Cleaning

For 40 years, Maid in New York has been providing the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism in residential cleaning. We want to do the same for you and your home. Whether you live in a studio in Brooklyn or a penthouse on 5th Avenue, you can count on our experienced staff to deliver comprehensive, high quality cleaning services. 

Retail Cleaning

Maid in New York has been cleaning premier retail facilities on Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue for 40 years. We know the importance of keeping a pristine appearance. But we also know times have changed and everyone is feeling the pinch. However, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your standards of cleanliness. We offer a variety of customized programs to save you money without sacrificing quality or performance.

Post Construction / Commercial Cleaning

Maid in New York has been providing office building cleaning and commercial office cleaning services throughout New York City for 40 years. Our fully insured and bonded cleaning professionals will provide thorough cleaning of all areas, including kitchen and lavatory facilities. 

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